The electronics workbench where Half-Time Modular's prototypes are designed, assembled and tested.


Hi, Lucas here, the main human behind Half-Time Modular. I have been exploring modular synthesis for the past 8 years, and have been tinkering and experimenting with my own gear for about as long.

After spending some time playing with desktop gear, I wanted to build a portable Eurorack setup that would allow me to create complete songs while still being fun to jam on. Surprisingly, I found that most modules were either too deep or too limited for this purpose, especially when it came to utilities. I ended up creating a few modules for my own use, which you can now purchase here.

Design and hand assembly are done in Fribourg, Switzerland, which is also home to the Swiss Museum and Centre for Electronic Music Instruments (SMEM).

Design Philosophy

We want to create tools to make compact Eurorack setups more self-sufficient. As such, we try to provide modules that are highly versatile and compact without compromising playability.
Some of our design principles are:

  • Laying out the interface so that the controls that really matter are easy to get to. No one likes to dive into a tangle of cables to tweak a knob!
  • Putting relevant information right on the front panel without using cryptic names, so you only have to read the manual once (but at least once...).
  • Include alternative functions, even in analog modules. Useful HP in every patch.

Custom Work

We are always open to new projects, from prototyping an idea to modifying one of our modules for specific needs, or manufacturing your own design. Drop us a line if you have something in mind!